Saturday, June 17, 2017


Well, hello. It's been a bit. To say the last few weeks have been stressful would be an understatement. While I've definitely had worse weeks in my life (I'm safe and healthy, as are my loved ones), these past few were filled with stress that was unexpected and unwarranted. Little things piled up quickly but I still had to keep going every day, as one does. While I'm still waiting for a few things to sort themselves out, for the last few days, I've been able to take a deep breath, reevaluate some goals, and catch up on sleep. Easing back into this blogging business with this week's ten things:

1 / An eclectic Los Angeles home.

2 / Single minded: the difference between being single and being alone.

3 / "I'm depressed and employed. How I make it work."

4 / Secrets of a celebrity stylist.

5 / Into high waisted everything lately.

6 / Thong underwear sucks. Couldn't agree more.

7 / Ruth Wilson is one of my favorites.

8 / Ranking the friendships on 'Grey's Anatomy'. Christina and Meredith forever.

9 / Teachers who deserve a gold star.

10 / Types of roommates: which are you? I'm quiet and tidy but always mysteriously stuck in my room.

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