Wednesday, March 1, 2017


This post has been saved in my drafts for months now. Winter is almost over but since it snowed yesterday, I figured I might as well take the opportunity to post. I thought we were done with the snow but apparently not. So since it's winter for a bit longer:

Making / Time to slow down, and just be.
Cooking / Tomato soup and garlic grilled cheese on sourdough.
Drinking / Lots and lots of water, with lots and lots of ice.
Reading / Textbooks, and cookbooks, in an effort to spice up my dinner menus.
Wanting / A pair of vintage Levi's.
Looking / Forward to warmer weather.
Wasting / Time, watching TV, always.
Sewing / Lots of tea towels.
Wishing / For good things.
Enjoying / The warmth of my bed.
Waiting / For sunshine, or a vacation.
Liking / All the sweaters.
Wondering / If my skin will ever not be pale like a ghost.
Loving / "Curb Your Enthusiasm".
Marveling / At the full moon..
Needing / To win the lottery.
Smelling / Vanilla candles.
Wearing / Pajamas and scrubs. And basically nothing else.
Following / The dreadful news, wishing it would all go away.
Noticing / The dryness of my hands.
Knowing / That one day all the work will be worth it.
Thinking / About how I need to go grocery shopping and pick up my prescriptions.
Feeling / Tired.
Bookmarking / Every exercise article, it seems.
Opening / My last can of diet coke for a while.

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