Sunday, February 26, 2017


Once again, an entire week passed and this space remained neglected. It's Sunday night, I'm showered and in bed at 9 PM (my favorite way to spend the night) studying for a medical/surgical test on Tuesday, refreshing my Twitter for the winners at the Oscars, and watching "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" in the background. Here's this week's ten things:

1 / A modernist home in the Hamptons.

2 / A minimalist farm in Martha's Vineyard.

3 / 6 ab toning moves better than crunches.

4 / Trying this recipe for crispy salt and vinegar potatoes this week.

5 / Every friendship on "Girls", ranked from worst to best. Mourning that this season is the last.

6 / I can't stop thinking about this Raquel Allegra robe.

7 / "Big Little Lies" has the best real estate on television. It honestly added Monterey to my list of possibilities for after graduation.

8 / The right way to store your linens.

9 / Why does this one couch from West Elm suck so much?

10 / Model Iskra Lawrence's TED talk on self-care.

Hoping this week is productive and filled with lots of good food.

Image from here.

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