Wednesday, February 15, 2017


On a recommendation from Amy Schumer's Instagram, I started watching "Fleabag" on Amazon Prime. It's a British comedy starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge (who you may remember from "Broadchurch") about a woman dealing with the death of her best friend, her dysfunctional family (father, godmother turned stepmother, sister, and brother-in-law), and romantic/sexual relationships. It's completely brilliant and darkly funny. 

There's a great interview in New York Mag's The Cut with Waller-Bridge, and the author Noreen Malone describes the show:

"Fleabag, in fairness, is risqué, though rarely in a predictable way. Waller-Bridge’s character (whom fans tend to refer to as Fleabag, since she is never named) masturbates to a video of Barack Obama giving a speech about democracy; her stepmother puts on an art show that includes an installation of penis molds, including Fleabag’s ex-boyfriend’s and father’s; she imagines, at one point, that a dog is hitting on her; she runs into a hookup at the store while buying tampons and quickly switches out supers for regulars. And it’s full of wickedly sly jokes about the female condition, dark in a classically British way. In the first episode, a feminist lecturer (played by Waller-Bridge’s real-life mother) asks who in the assembled crowd would give up five years of their life for a perfect body. Fleabag and her sister are the only ones in the audience whose hands shoot up, reflexively, before they exchange embarrassed looks and lower them back down."

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