Sunday, January 8, 2017


As we end this year, much of the focus seems to have been on how 2016 was a failure and everyone couldn't wait until 2017 for the fresh start. Who doesn't love a fresh start right? A good rain, a new notebook, a clean house. But reflecting on 2016 is important for me and even though life is difficult, this has been a growth year for me. I was accepted and started nursing school, moved into my own place, started a new job, and have spent a lot of time on self growth.

However, this first week of 2017 has not been my friend. My computer broke and I had to wait a week to get it fixed, my car broke down, and to top it off, Idaho is having the largest snow storm/freezing cold year on record. They're calling it "snowmaggedon". This week, each night it got done to -15 and some days only warmed up to 4. The good news is, it has convinced me how much I need to focus on school so when it's over, I can move to warmer climates. 

This year, I'm focusing on continuing to grow, to focus on the good and let go of the things that I can't change. A few concrete goals for this year:

1 / Health. My goal is to be healthy and strong, to feel good about myself. But the focus is more on the journey. Eating healthy and exercising and using those tools to improve my anxiety.

2 / Save. My bank account got low in November with some unexpected expenses and Christmas to top it off, so I'm determined to save a little each month so that when these unexpected expenses pop up in the future (as they always do), I will be ready.

3 / Connect with others. I'm introverted as they come and if I had the right house, could easily see myself never leaving it. Putting more effort into my relationships is a priority for this year.

4 / Read, just a bit each day, for enjoyment. I go through phases of reading and always find myself happier and more centered when I do.

5 / Stay organized. For the sake of not wasting time, I want to make sure I am on top of my to do list and my schedule for the week.

Happy 2017!

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