Saturday, December 17, 2016


How is 2016 almost over? It seemed that time passed so quickly but at the same time moved at a glacial pace. That is life, I guess. I finished my last final for the semester this week and am trying to actually get my brain out of school mode. It hasn't happened yet. And on top of that, Christmas, which I haven't even begun preparing for. But this weekend, and week, I'm looking forward to getting into the spirit and hopefully decompressing a bit. This week's ten things:

1 / I've been doing this standing abs workout to strengthen my core. I kind of love it. (Never thought I would say that.)

2 / Six all inclusive resorts for people who think they hate all inclusives.

3 / Expensive skincare: how I got hooked. I've been breaking out like crazy this month and am thinking it's time to switch up my skin care regimen. One of my favorite bloggers recommended Sunday Riley's UFO Ultra Clarifying Face Oil, which I'm thinking of trying.

4 / A beautiful wedding at a castle in Switzerland.

5 / 16 romantic Christmas movies to stream on Netflix.

6 / Exploring the face map.

7 / Obsessed with this historic London home.

8 / And this Los Angeles home.

9 / 31 little things you've probably forgotten to clean. Speaks to my germ freak, Monica Gellar spirit soul. 

10 / The unexpected way Marie Kondo's book changed my life.

Happy weekend!

Image from here.

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