Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Dealing with family time the only way we know how. 

 See below.

Thanksgiving is over and today was my first day back in the real world. Or, more realistically, by the time I actually get around to publishing this post, I will be a week back into the real world. Can we talk about Thanksgiving for a moment? My favorite dishes (other than the stuffing, Stove Top for life) are the non-traditional ones: prime rib (I think that counts) and garlic and chive mashed potatoes with ranch (instead of gravy). Also, so much together time usually results in me in tears for many reasons. Luckily I live with people that can put up with it. Cheers to being a girl.

And some random thoughts on life lately:

1 / I have gotten into "Downton Abbey" in an unhealthy way, years late. The good news is, when you are behind the times, you can binge watch all the seasons. Downside, I get emotionally attached to characters, and couples, and then THEY DIE. It was like, oh you're my favorite, dead. Lady Mary and Matthew Crowley FOREVER. I've cried multiple times, feel pathetic, and all my thoughts are in a British accent.

2 / How hot are your showers? Personally, I want my shower to be hot, and when I get out, the room to be all steamy. My pores should be open so I can easily pluck my eyebrows after. Four things I enjoy most in the world (don't judge): taking a hot shower, getting in pajamas, eating something delicious, and watching TV or reading in bed. My landlord doesn't seem to agree and tonight the "bitches get shit done"/Tina Fey/Amy Poehler/Mindy Kaling-every strong women role model memoir I've read came out to tell me I deserve hot water and men can't act like we're stupid. I'm a grown up, I pay for my own shit, and I want a hot shower, dammit.

3 / Calm now. Christmas online shopping. I managed to score a great pair of boots on eBay and some sweaters.

4 / I am currently obsessed with these Lauren Manoogian cashmere leggings, which are not available in my size. Being the reasonable person that I am, I've been refreshing the site multiple times a day. I'm crazy, I realize.

5 / I have also spread my disease of online shopping to my brother, who similarly hates leaving the house other than needs (school, work, gym) and the simplicity of having everything delivered right to your door, with free shipping, and free returns.

6 / I drive by a bowling alley, A BOWLING ALLEY, on my way home from work, offering champagne brunch (again, at a bowling alley) on SUDAY. It's been there for months. Can you not edit your signs? Also, at the long term care facility where I completed my first round of clinicals for school, they spelled convenience convence. These things make me crazy.

7 / And lastly, watch "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life". And all the seasons. My first love.

Happy Wednesday!

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