Friday, November 18, 2016


I'm looking forward to next week, a break from school and from work, time to catch up on lots of sleep, watch the new (!) "Gilmore Girls", and try to re-center myself. Maybe even try out some yoga. Plus start preparing for all of my big tests, but on my schedule, with no other demands on my time. Here are this week's ten things:

1 / The walk, don't run, exercise theory.

2 / I just bought these perfect black loafers. Also, one of my favorite sites The Dreslyn is having a 20% off everything sale with the code 'FALL'.

3 / The Karlie Kloss guide to staying fit and happy--in 7 steps.

4 / 34 movies that will mess with your head.

5 / Outdoor Voices founder Tyler Haney on how to stay glowing.

6 / A gorgeous before and after in California. That backyard is all my dreams.

7 / 22 great Aziz Ansari tweets.

8 / Miranda Kerr's rules for adulthood.

9 / Rules for mastering any conversation.

10 / The importance of self care: five easy ways to take time for yourself.

Happy weekend. Be sure to start mentally preparing for family and Thanksgiving. 

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