Thursday, October 27, 2016


You know those weeks when you're so tired, exhausted, and stressed that you just start crying in the car, for seemingly no reason but at the same time, for every reason? This week was one of those weeks. Here's to hoping this weekend is relaxing and I am able to regain my outlook on life. This week's ten things:

1 / The best workouts you can do at home.

2 / Cool, calm, and collected.

3 / 23 times "Broad City" perfectly described adulthood. Yas Queen.

4 / I'm a doctor. If I drop food on the kitchen floor, I still eat it.

5 / These boots.

6 / Daily affirmations to transform your attitude.

7 / Best international destinations for the solo traveler.

8 / To the First Lady, with love.

9 / Understated glamour at an East Hampton wedding.

10 / This house is fueling my dreams of moving to England. 

Have a great weekend.

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