Sunday, October 2, 2016


This weekend, the weather seemed to shift overnight. It's like it knew it was October and overnight went from 60 degrees to 42. Hello, fall. And my body also knew, as it decided to give me a sore throat/cold that has come and gone over the past few days. Thank the Lord for nyquil. Here's to hoping this week is better than last:

1 / Isabel Marant's spring 2017 show. I want it all. Also, five French girl beauty tips to learn from Isabel Marant. That's how I want to look every day.

2 / Emily Ferber's morning makeup routine. I'm obsessed with these little videos. 

3 / 6 things successful women never do in the morning.

4 / Where Clinton and Trump stand on all the key issues. In this confusing election, this was an enlightening read.

5 / Can't stop thinking about these pants

6 / Mindy Kaling's latest role.

7 / The strang evolution of Taylor Swift's gym style. Like honestly, WTF?

8 / How much it actually costs to live like a healthy celebrity. Insane.

9 / A 1905 Washington, D.C. home that blends American tradition with Scandinavian details.

10 / Simple iPhone tips to get more out of the phone you already own.

Have a great week!

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