Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I haven't formally done any goals lately because I've just been focused on living from day to day. I'm finally feel like I've been able to breath a bit, and looking forward to the rest of the month, I'm setting some goals for October.

1 / Exercise a bit each day. When my schedule got busy, this has been the first thing to fall by the wayside. But I know how much it will improve my anxiety and my ability to focus. Especially walking when the leaves are falling and it's not completely freezing out yet.

2 / Make one new recipe a week (even if it's one I just haven't made for a bit). Every day, I look forward to what I'm eating for my next meal. It's sad and great at the same time. I'm the person who finds chocolates stashed in my sweater pockets that I've forgotten about. It becomes easy to make and eat the same things every week so I'm trying to pull out different recipes.

3 / Stretch. Every day. On the days and don't, my back aches to no end. I'm sure it has a lot to do with my posture, which I'm slowly working on. 

Happy October!

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  1. You know what the new reciepe a week sounds amazing and ive been trying to stick to this for years! Just doesn't work!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.. :-) Have a lovely day! Visit me whenever you have time kisses Dominica! xXx