Monday, September 5, 2016


This is quickly becoming a sometime over the weekend post, instead of my normal Friday post. Maybe because Fridays are killer for me, and I run on almost zero sleep. Maybe because I don't think I'll ever get it together enough to plan this out ahead of time. Now it's technically one in the morning on Monday and I'm feeling inspired by Amy Schumer's book The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo, which I highly recommend. I love memoirs and this one has made me laugh out loud and also cry. Thank you, Amy. Anyways, here are this week's ten things:

1 / The Lenny Letter interview with Amy Schumer.

2 / A whitewashed Brentwood farmhouse.

3 / A beautiful wedding at the pink church on Harbour Island.

4 / A shopper's manifesto: these three simple questions are the key to quitting fast fashion.

5 / The top shelf of Wendy Rowe. I'm slightly, okay, completely obsessed with her.

6 / Naomi Watts's new summer home in Montauk. If I were to move to the east coast, this is where I would settle. In case anyone was wondering.

7 / "I have it all, except for a boyfriend."

8 / The most beautiful places in every state.

9 / Have back pain? Try these five workouts.

10 / 20 things every 20 something needs in their first apartment.

Have a happy week.

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