Friday, August 12, 2016


This week has been a blur and I'm completely exhausted. There were highs and lows, which included a huge rock chip in my windshield after a much too long day, that resulted in a lot of yelling alone in my car. Sometimes, you just need to put things in perspective and realize it could be a lot worse. But also, yelling helps. I'm moving this weekend and school starts in just a week, so I'm hoping to spend some time enjoying my last bits of summer and freedom. This week's ten things:

1 / How to deal with anger in 60 seconds.

2 / 9 questions to ask before you get married.

3 / I've been dreaming of Paris in August.

4 / Why I'm happily unmarried.

5 / Alice Gao's Gramercy apartment.

6 / My cashmere sweatpant obsession continues.

7 / The power of one focused hour a day.

8 / This is how a minimalist decorates.

9 / Stretches you should do every day.

10 / Inside the world's most expensive hotel suite.

Happy weekend!

Image from here.

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