Tuesday, August 9, 2016


A few months ago, I decided I wasn't totally happy with my hair, skin care, and makeup routines. I am definitely in the mindset of simple is best and my goal is quick and easy. I started poking around Youtube, trying to find new products and just general ways to actually do makeup (I'm absolutely terrible at it). These are a few videos I keep coming back to:

From Net-a-porter: Burberry makeup artist Wendy Rowe does Suki Waterhouse's makeup. She applies everything uses just her fingers and the end result is a fresh look, where you can still tell it's you, and your skin.

I then became slightly obsessed with Wendy Rowe (she is naturally gorgeous) and went down her Youtube rabbit hole.

I then had to find out more about the blogger cult favorite: glossier. I just put in my first order and am excited to try it out.

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