Monday, July 11, 2016


Happy Monday. I'm slightly late on my weekly ten things post but honestly just wasn't feeling inspired enough on Friday. I've spent the weekend working, reading, and watching way too much "Masters of Sex", which I highly recommend if you haven't watched it yet. Hoping this is a great week. This week's ten things:

1 / How millenial labels are bringing brand loyalty back.

2 / Yes, you can wash your hair every day. I do.

3 / An interview with Emma Straub, author of Modern Lovers.

4 / The road less traveled: a mid-life creative career detour.

5 / How to care for your wood cutting boards.

6 / Thinking about upping my jean short game with these.

7 / Are you cutting your watermelon the right way?

8 / A stylish Motor City wedding.

9 / This house in Newberg, Oregon, a stunning retreat set by a tranquil pond.

10 / The ten best "Modern Love" essays.

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