Wednesday, July 13, 2016


A few months ago, I tried out my first ever cleansing mask on the recommendation of my little brother and sister, and since have fallen in love. I love putting on a mask a few times a week, and waiting for it to dry while watching my favorite show (currently: "Masters of Sex"). Or I'll put them on before getting in a bubble bath. It's completely luxurious. 

When I started running low on my original Pixi Glow Mud Mask (still a favorite and will be buying again), I decided to branch out. I have the world's dryest skin, summer and winter, and recently became addicted to Kiehl's Creme de Corps. (Side note: After reading up on different lotions, I realize that some are designed to lock moisture in, without actually moisturizing, which lead to switch.) I decided to try out Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask. It helps eliminate debris and dead surface skin cell accumulation that can clog pores and leave your complexion looking dull. Not only is wearing a cleansing mask relaxing, the next day, my skin is glowing. Or at least, in my mind it is.

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