Friday, June 24, 2016


I spent this past week trying to relax and get back into a routine. I can't believe we're almost through June! I'm hoping to spend this week finishing up my book, spending some time outside, and trying out a few new recipes. This week's ten things:

1 / I've read both Crazy Rich Asians and it's sequel China Rich Girlfriend this week. I couldn't get enough. They're not the most intellectually stimulating (beach reads) but I enjoyed them.

2 / Beautifully landscaped home gardens.

3 / The 25 best Pixar movie characters.

4 / The trailer for the new movie American Pastoral, based on the novel, which is on my list to read.

5 / How to pack like Joan Didion.

6 / Designer Ulla Johnson's "Top Shelf".

7 / 5 makeup mistakes that makeup artists always notice-- and how to fix them.

8 / I ordered these running shoes this week.

9 / Homes by famous architects that you can rent.

10 / Aziz Ansari: Why Trump makes me scared for my family.

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