Friday, May 13, 2016


This week has been a nice change of pace. I've been dancing in the shower, eating lots of good food, and am finally on a good exercise regimen. I've decided this is what I'm going to do with my summer. Enjoy it. Read good books, lay in the sun, go for long walks, travel. That's the plan.

This week's ten things:

1 / Giada De Laurentis gets real.

2 / How to be a boss.

3 / This straw hat may need to become part of my summer. Plus, it's on sale.

4 / "In the land of Iceland's single mothers."

5 / 29 times the internet blew your mind.

6 / "Chelsea Handler: Impulsive, Provocative, and Streaming on Netflix." Her new show hasn't gotten me hooked yet (it needs to find its footing) but I absolutely loved her documentary series "Chelsea Does" on Netflix. I would recommend checking it out.

7 / The starting reason teen girls stopped playing sports.

8 / I can't wait to see this movie. The book was so good, I've read it twice.

9 / Capturing the world from above.

10 / A home in an old mill.

I hope your weekend is full of warmth and sunshine. 

1 comment :

  1. That Madewell hat! It really is the perfect Summer hat! I might just get it right now!

    be the plebeian