Monday, May 16, 2016


A few questions that I've found myself repeatedly asking myself:


2 /  How does Taylor Swift do it? She's constantly everywhere. And how is her makeup so perfect ALL THE TIME? And yes, I do realize the answer lies in the fact that she has people that take care of that type of thing for her. 

3 / How many times can you drop your damn water bottle? Get it together.

4 / Why did I think it was a good idea to stay up that late?

5 / Do I have to get up today? Can't we just cancel it?

6 / Why did it take so long for them to kill the Governor on "The Walking Dead"? He was a psychopathic serial killer. Just kill him.

7 / Should I go to class today?

8 / Who are these people that think a blow up man is going to drive business to their store? It's just weird and creepy.

9 / Is this all going to be worth it?

10 / Where the cookies at?

11 / Do celebrities realize that no one would know about their "secret shoot" if they didn't Instagram a photo with the caption "secret shoot"? No one is wondering what your secret shoot is, Nina Dobrev.

12 / They never roll up windows in movies. Just walk away from the car with all the windows down. 

13 / Why do they never use cordless microphones in comedy specials? Is it a requirement to have a huge cord all over the place?

14 / Why do you have to call me honey? Do you not understand it sounds extremely condescending?

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