Monday, April 11, 2016


Spring is officially here. The weather was in the 80s this weekend and while it's supposed to dip back down again before it decides to permanently stay warm and summery, it's been great to feel the sunshine on my face. Of course, it makes actually getting anything done difficult but it's a much needed change. This week's ten things:

1 / 12 reasons why minimalism may be the answer to anxiety.

2 / City Guide: Nashville. Nashville is on my list of places to possibly move after graduation.

3 / 13 questions to ask before getting married.

4 / "How Disney Princess culture helped me be a strong, smart girl." Interesting perspective.

5 / 21 useful skills every introvert has mastered.

6 / We finally had a few warm days which have my dreaming of this bikini.

7 / Signs Chandler Bing is your spirit animal.

8 / More than a couple of couples get real about love.

9 / Real talk: 7 Muslim Americans open up about Islamophobia.

10 / This jumpsuit is everything.

Here's to hoping this week is a productive one!

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  1. That bikini is too cute, it looks so chic and classy. Loving all these links, too.