Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Growing up, there was never an emphasis on beauty products in my house. I remember vividly getting ready for a 7th grade dance and my mom helping me to pluck my eyebrows for the first time. "DO NOT OVERPLUCK. Ever." Words to live by. Even now, I have full, bushy eyebrows that I'm extremely thankful for. The other often spoken refrain in our house: "It hurts to be beautiful." Usually said when pulling my hair as tight as humanly possible in french braids. That was the extent of the beauty advice passed on from me from my mother.

Over the years, I've developed my own beauty philosophies and routines, often through trial and error. I truly belive that beauty routines should not be trying to mask your imperfections but about celebrating you and making you feel more confident. I find my routines relaxing and make sure to enjoy that time every day, whether it's taking a long shower or spending a little extra time in the morning getting ready.

These are five of my essential beauty tools:

1 // Clarisonic Mia. Every night in the shower, I use a white washcloth to remove the makeup from my face. After, I use my Clarisonic and classic dove bar soap. My skin feels clean, soft, and completely rejuvenated. I've had mine for over two years and it works just as well as the day I got it. Getting rid of all the toxins, dirt, and makeup makes me feel like all is right in the world again.

2 // Rubis tweezers. When I was 17, my grandma gifted my mom and me these tweezers. 6 years later and I can't imagine using anything else. They make plucking your eyebrows easy work (and getting rid of those pesky hairs that pop up in other places).

3 // Mason Pearson hairbrush. When I was in high school, I had long hair that I straightened nearly every day. A few years ago, in an effort to make my morning routine simpler, I chopped off my hair and have ceased using any type of heat product on it since. I'm in the process of growing it out again but will never go back to using heat products. For Christmas a few years ago, my boss gave me a gift card to Anthropologie, and I splurged on my Mason Pearson hairbrush. It's a price I couldn't justify spending myself, but the gift card made the decision simple. This hairbrush is meant to last a lifetime and leaves my hair the softest and healthiest it's ever been. Even my sister has commented and she is difficult to impress (and also the resident beauty expert in the Lindsay house). I even added a pocket size to carry in my bag. Your hair will thank you. 

4 // Zwilling nose trimmer. I finally at 23 years old began trimming my nose hair. This is a topic that I don't think is addressed often but it completely changed (in my opinion) my face. A simple step made me feel more confident. Even though most people wouldn't notice the change (I don't think I've ever noticed this on anyone), it made me feel prettier immediately. This model is not electric and is simple and easy to use. Plus, no pain.

5 // Toothbrush. The first women's magazine I ever purchased was Elle Girl. It had Emma Watson on the cover and I'm pretty sure I kept it for at least five years. In it, it recommended using a toothbrush (separate from your teeth cleaning one, of course) for brushing your eyebrows. Ever since, I've used a toothbrush to brush my eyebrows after doing my makeup. In the years since, eyebrows have become an obsession (thanks, Cara Delevingne) and there are many products out there to get the desired bushy brow look. My go to will always be light tweezing and a toothbrush. 

Do you have any beauty products you can't live without?


  1. That brush sounds amazing! I'm in that in between space where I realize how great a nice brush can be, but also don't want to spend the money. Glad to know it lives up to the hype, though!

    1. It is well worth it, your hair will thank you a million times over.