Friday, February 12, 2016


I for one am happy this week is over and looking forward to this long weekend. I finally started watching "Game of Thrones" (I'm a bit late to the game) and LOVE IT. Has anyone read the books? Would you recommend them? 

Whether or not you have a partner, be sure to celebrate your relationships this Valentine's day. Friends and family love to know you are thinking of them. Also, be sure to celebrate yourself. You're worth it.

Here are this week's ten things:

1 // Catbird founder Rony Vardi's Brooklyn home. Usually, thinking about living in New York City gives me anxiety (the people, the noise) but I would move right in here, no questions asked.

2 // "Master of None" has been renewed for a second season! If you haven't watched season 1 on Netflix yet, I highly recommend it.

3 // "Harry Potter: Part 8" is being published this summer! I haven't read the series since the last book came out and am thinking I may need to reread at some point in the near future. I can't wait to share Harry, Ron, and Hermione's story with my kids one day. 

4 // Get cozy: why we should all embrace the Danish art of "hygge". This is the way I live my life (or at least try to) and am glad the Danish were able to put it into words. 

5 // If you manage your time terribly, you'll get more done. Interesting read.

6 // 15 things that happen when you watch too many crime shows. What does it say about me that Amazing Amy from "Gone Girl" is one of my heroes? Also, why you'll never get over Benson and Stabler from "SVU".

7 // Obsessing over this jumpsuit.

8 // 10 successful women share their morning routines. I'm not a morning person, although I'd like to at least enjoy the mornings a little more. Have you ever noticed that when you watch TV shows (which I realize aren't reality), the characters always have so much time for activities in the morning? On "Friends", they all get together for breakfast. On "Gilmore Girls", even though Rory takes the bus half an hour to school, they manage to have breakfast and run errands while looking completely put together before she has to catch the bus. They must all get up at 5:30 in the morning. Are there people who live like this?

9 // How to decorate like a French woman.

10 // "I gave away my favorite jeans."

Happy weekend!

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  1. I love this post! Such an interesting read, especially the one about managing your time!!

    Adi xx

  2. Thanks for sharing all the links! I'm always so interested in people's morning routines. (Is that weird?? Haha.)

  3. Master of None has been on my list of shows to watch! I will get on it this weekend :)

    be the plebeian