Friday, February 5, 2016


I have my first test of the semester on Monday and am planning on spending the rest of the weekend in sweats, with no makeup, studying. Living the dream, right? Here are this week's ten things:

1 // The house that Julia Child built.

2 // Life lessons they don't teach you in school.

3 // Home intentions for 2016.

4 // Financial advice for millenials: how to manage your money.

5 // Monica Geller's most iconic lines on "Friends". Since according to my family, Monica is my spirit animal.

6 // Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber's Manhattan apartment. So beautiful.

7 // Wondering if a denim jumpsuit is too much...

8 // To go along with my candle obsession, I finally invested in this wick trimmer. Seeing if they actually make a difference in extending the life of my candles.

9 // Loving this eclectic one bedroom house tour.

10 // John Mulaney: the funniest man in America? If you haven't watched his Netflix specials, go, run, now. They'll have you dying laughing.

Image from here.

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