Wednesday, February 17, 2016


1 // I've worn this sweater every day this week and I'm hoping no one has noticed yet, since I'll probably continue. I even washed it last night and had a different sweater on, got in the car, came in and changed because it's just so soft. I never want to take it off.

2 // They were out of my favorite chocolate chip muffin today at Einstein Bros. and it slightly screwed up my whole day. Does anyone look forward to little things like that? Because I feel a tad bit crazy for it. I mean, I went to my biology lab and I have the most annoying lab partners, who do nothing, and I'm just alone in the back doing the experiment. But back to the point, I told myself just get through this lab and then you can have a chocolate chip muffin before your next lecture. And then THEY WERE OUT OF THE MUFFINS. ALL THE MUFFINS. I was starving, didn't know what to do, and had to just settle. It gave me anxiety and I'm like, "Marin. This is your problem and you need to learn to work through it." And if I get this upset (inside) over this muffin, I can't even begin to explain the insanity in my mind when something big actually happens.

3 // I had a dream the other night that I was dating Aziz Ansari (probably because I've been reading Modern Romance before bed). I don't think I've ever had a date about a famous person, although I tend to have extremely vivid dreams. Anyways, he was helping me move out of my apartment after I met him at a wedding. Apparently our relationship moves extremely fast. 

4 // After the aforementioned OUT OF MUFFINS predicament, I almost drove 30 minutes out of my way to Krispy Kreme. Note to future suitors: the way to my heart is Krispy Kreme donuts. Hot. Always. If the sign is on, we stop.

5 // I kept seeing Outdoor Voices mentioned, which is a relatively new activewear collection. I finally decided to try a pair of their leggings and they are the best I've ever worn. Completely recommend them.


  1. That seems like the coziest sweater ever! I totally get the second thing as well; sometimes it's surprisingly hard (like, why is it so hard!) to recover when you had expectations even for seemingly "small" things. Although really, chocolate chip muffins are not just "small" things, they are serious matters!

  2. omg! love that sweater! i'd probably wear it multiple times too, hahaha!

    Have a great day!
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