Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Taking a moment to be grateful this week:

1 // Family time. Especially when my little sister does my makeup and tries to teach me how to properly selfie. Which was harder than I expected. And still don't know if I could do this well without her guidance.

2 // Warm weather is coming, according to the local weather report. 

3 // Hershey's Symphony milk chocolate. My very favorite of which I have been eating too much of lately.

4 // Long, warm bubble baths with epsom salt. 

5 // A massage gifted to me from Christmas.

6 // My cozy gray robe that I've been wearing entirely too often.

7 // Spaghetti with homemade canned sauce, and realizing all that work this summer was working.

8 // Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

9 // Reading great books.

10 // Working hard studying for a test and earning an A. 

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