Saturday, November 7, 2015


I regret ever complaining about the heat. The weather is cold now. It's that in between stage where it's not quite big winter coat weather, partly because I would feel ridiculous, but it feels so cold in the mornings. My nose is not happy. In fact, I considered getting one of those full face hats that a robber would wear just to have my nose covered. Why has no one come up with a solution to this problem yet? Probably because we would look ridiculous. 

I'm looking forward to relaxing this weekend, hopefully getting some studying done and perhaps trying out a new carrot cake recipe.

1 // My sheets ripped this week, right at the bottom where my feet go. I got into bed and it was just a mess down there. Apparently this is a common problem in my family. I went to Target and got these sheets and they are the softest, most perfect sheets ever. I am thinking of going and getting another backup pair just because they are currently 15% off. I highly recommend them. 

2 // Like everyone else on the planet, I've been listening to Adele's "Hello" on repeat. And didn't realize how awesome she was: 18 things that will change the way you look at Adele.

3 // Women don't need to have periods. Which is completely life changing, if you didn't know this.

4 // Tried out yoga in my living room this week, hoping to help calm my anxiety. One of these days, I'll actually be confident enough to take a class.

5 // Isabel Marant's rustic cabin.

6 // 23 life lessons from "Grey's Anatomy".

7 // Malala Yousafzai tells Emma Watson: "We should all be feminists." I was shocked this week when my professor anoynomously polled my ethics class, and only 8 out of 25 people identified as feminists.

8 // Aziz Ansari is one of my favorite comedians, and his new show "Master of None" lives up to the hype.

9 // How to make the chocolate layer cake of your dreams.

10 // Thinking I may need these boots for winter. 

Happy weekend.

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  1. i have to take note of a few things from this post! must see aziz new show. hello is definitely on repeat in my playlist too!

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions