Thursday, November 5, 2015


After admiring these Isabel Marant boots for month, I finally decided to just buy them. From the moment I tried them on, it was love. They're so comfortable and the fact that they are flat makes them easy to wear everyday. I wore them for the first time on my birthday last week along with all gray and black and felt like a Jedi, in a completely unplanned and completely perfect way. 

Of course, now I just want to buy more boots. They're my obsession. I've never been a "shoe girl". I don't own any pairs of heels, one pair of black flats that I rarely wear, running shoes, Birks for the summer, and boots. Boots though, I can't get enough. A few that are currently on my wish list (but my bank account say no).


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  1. Love a few new pairs of boots each fall! Love these picks!

    Le Stylo Rouge