Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Last week, I picked up Still Missing from the library. Ever since reading Gone Girl, I've become completely obsessed with this genre of woman going missing, in weird situations, trying to solve mysteries, etc. I don't think that is necessarily a specific genre (as in there is no "crazy women doing crazy things" section at Barnes and Noble) but hopefully that made sense. After finishing a book I like, I always head to Amazon and check out the "We recommend reading this based on your search." It usually points me in the right direction. Which is how I found Still Missing. It's the story of a young realtor in Canada named Annie who mysteriously goes missing and is held captive for a year. It's told from her perspective after being rescued in sessions with her psychiatrists as she tries to unravel what exactly happened and why she was taken. I read it in a day, which seems to be what I do when I find a good novel, especially when putting off doing homework.

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