Monday, October 5, 2015


This past month hasn't been great. I've been busy, stressed, angry, and just not happy at all. Sometimes the pressure of life just gets me down, you know? I want to spend more time this month slowing down and appreciating the changing of the seasons and this time in my life. I cleaned my room today and did all my laundry so I figured that's a good way to start the week. 

This month, I want to:

1 // Work on being less anxious and stress prone. I worry about everything, all the time, and it's completely exhausting. Working on keeping a calm environment and doing little things each day that make me feel more calm will be my focus. 

2 // Keep up on my reading. I've managed to get behind on the reading in a few of my classes and am really focusing on catching up and staying on top of that. 

3 // Eat healthier. It's so easy when you're busy to just grab the fastest thing (hello, five strawberry milkshakes this week) but I feel so much better when I eat a healthy, balanced diet. 

Happy October. 

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