Wednesday, September 23, 2015


This week has not been my best. I can't explain exactly why or how, but I've been off. I've been extremely anxious and not motivated at all. It's weird how one week, or day even, I can get what seems like so much done and then the next I don't want to do anything. Tonight, I decided I just need to let go a bit, slow down, and focus on the good things.

1 // Discovering new episodes of The Big Bang Theory that I have never seen.

2 // Hot McDonald's french fries with BBQ sauce, while watching The Big Bang Theory.

3 // Making lists. Especially to do lists.

4 // The new Limetown podcast. (Full disclosure: I had to make sure it wasn't real.)

5 // Green lights all in a row.

6 // Surprise dinner left for me in the fridge.

7 // Reading lists like this on Buzzfeed. I don't really know why but I completely love them.

8 // Packages in the mail. I bought these Raquel Allegra knit leggings during a sale and they are the softest pants I've ever owned.

9 // Driving with the windows down.

10 // A clean bathroom.

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  1. so many of these things are little things that I take for granted, but I love this stuff too!