Tuesday, September 1, 2015


September is officially here. Which means a new month, a new beginning, and also, I replaced the head on my razor, so my legs are extra smooth today. I've been thinking about my goals for September for about the last week and was looking forward to September 1st as a fresh start.

This month, I'm focusing on:

1 // Slowing down. I've been stressed to the max lately over every little thing, big things that actually matter, but also the inconsequential things that really don't need to be stressed over. My anxiety has been out of control. I've been trying to slow down and really appreciate life lately. Keeping organized and clean has helped. I recently replaced my candles, revamped my bedtime routine to ensure that I'm getting enough sleep, have been eating lots of fruits and vegetables, drinking water, and just trying to make sure I'm enjoying life. As a lover of routine, these are the types of things that are required to enjoy my life.

2 // Stretching. I think this has often been a goal but I've actually been sticking with it which I'm proud of. I try to stretch right when I wake up and also at night. 

3 // Putting less pressure on myself. A few years ago, a new friend that didn't know me well enough (I thought) to make this observation, told me that I put way too much pressure on myself. It was eye opening to have someone that doesn't actually "know me, know me" tell me this. I've fallen back into that trap and am trying to fall out of it. 

4 // Getting into a routine. With school and so many credits, a routine is essential and since it's week 2, I feel like I've finally got mine down. 

Happy September!

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  1. These are some lovely goals! People definitely take slowing down for granted. Perhaps I could stand to practice slowing down as well :)