Friday, August 7, 2015


Happy Friday! Yesterday, I took my last final for my five week summer class. In order to get an A, I had to get a 77. I was nervous as all hell going in to it. I have worked so hard for five weeks and I didn't want it to all be for nothing. (Not that a B is nothing, but only an A was acceptable for me. Personal goals and such.) I was taking my final test in the computer lab and you know your score immediately after turning it in. When I saw it, I had to refrain from standing up and saying "96 bitches! It's all over. You can all go home." But I WAS really happy and relaxed for the rest of the day. I also told basically everyone I know. So now I'm spreading the news here.

A few things I've enjoyed from the past few weeks:

1 // This is what you really look like when you sleep. I've always been curious about what I actually look like when I sleep so I find this project completely fascinating.

2 // 29 times Tumblr made "Harry Potter" fans cry all over again. I cried.

3 // Excited to try out five minutes of meditation a day. I embarassingly downloaded two apps called Headspace and Calm to help me (and hopefully ease some of my anxiety by adopting a meditation habit).

4 // Feeling inspired by this backyard bunkhouse.

5 // 24 times "Parks and Rec" made you laugh uncontrollably.

6 // All the preserving tools you need for making your own jam and pickles. I'm planning on canning tomato soup, pickles, and peach jam this weekend. 

7 // For no reason at all, thinking my sister and I need these key chains. To be matching.

8 // I'm a total fan girl over Jessie Baylin and loved this interview and house tour. Her style is killer and her interior design is no exception. (Check out her Instagram here.

9 // An excerpt from Mindy Kaling's new book Why Not Me? Mindy Kaling should be required reading for all young women everywhere. (Also, I pre-ordered it months ago, before there was even cover art. It was my first time pre-ordering anything, EVER. That's how much I believe in her.)

10 // Also, looking forward to reading Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance during my two week break before small semester. 

Make sure to eat lots of fresh fruit this weekend, that's what I'll be doing. 

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  1. I bet you did great on your final! I love Harry Potter! And why did The Mindy Project have to end???

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style