Sunday, August 23, 2015


I'm having slight morning before school starts jitters. I shouldn't be having these jitters, because just two weeks ago I was in class. But committing has never been my strong suit. I see all the hard work that lies ahead. I'm constantly stressed and on top of that am constantly worried about all the members of my family. Are they okay? What is going on with them? Gah, why do I do this to myself. Sunday nights are the worst, yet again. The good news is tomorrow is a new day, an easy day for me with just one class and then I'm going to can some more tomatoes, peaches, and pepper jelly. Cooking relaxes me and I am looking forward to it. Find the little things, stretching and coffee in the morning, regrouping, a new start. Fall semester, I'm ready.


  1. I had these jitters full force last night!! Hated it!! I completely get where you are coming from!!

    xx Olivia

  2. I'm glad others understand where I'm coming from!