Sunday, August 2, 2015


taken a few weeks ago on a drive home

A few random thoughts from lately:

1 // There is a girl that sits next to me in class who has a vocal tick. I don't know if this would be exactly what it would be called but she is constantly saying "are you KIDding me?", with a major emphasis on the KID. No dear, no one is kidding you. Just laugh appropriately, and then move on. Also, I was listening to "Fresh Air" and it was about upspeak and vocal fry, and so today I was very tuned in to her annoying speech patterns.

2 // Also, Whole Foods intimidates me. I love it because their food is delicious and just walking through the door makes me feel happy but also, I feel like people are always on a mission, and I'm like "Do I want a peach or a banana to go with my mac and cheese for lunch?" For me, Whole Foods is practically a magical experience, imagining a life in the future where I could buy my food there ALL THE TIME. A girl can dream, right?

3 // Aziz Ansari. How have I not discovered him before this? I randomly decided to watch his Netflix comedy specials the other day and was dying laughing. Go watch them. You won't regret it.

4 // Saw a license plate today that said "I'd rather be watching Frasier". I'd like to be friends with those people because I am sure they are awesome. I'd rather be watching Frasier most of the time, too. And they'd rather be watching it enough that it is on their license plate. That's commitment.

5 // Saturday night, I was taking out the garbage at work at about 9:30, still just barely light out, parking lot is full. And a car drives by, with a five year old kid in his pajamas, standing up out of the sunroof, directing his parents where to park. And I thought, honestly, "I want to live my life like that kid." He's so happy, and free, and in his pajamas, standing in the sunroof, no cares in the world. It keeps popping into my mind over and over again.

6 // This is my last week of class for the summer before I get a much needed few week break. I'm hoping to start acting like an actual human again and not living and breathing anatomy and physiology. I've also got a few exciting *hopefully* changes coming up.

Happy Sunday night, almost Monday friends.

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