Wednesday, August 26, 2015


This weekend, I'm moving from my grandparents (whom I adore living with, they're seriously the best ever) and in with my older brother who just bought his first house. I'm so proud of him and even happier that he's going to be nice enough to let me rent his extra room. I'm looking forward to being closer to campus instead of a 40 minute commute. No more of this having to leave an hour before my class starts business. I can run home between classes if I need to. I can relax a bit. I can have my own space to do what I want with. Plus, my brother will be a great roommate. And I think I'll get at least some pull over decorating the space. Not full on girl lives here but at least have a flow. 

Here are some kitchen things I've been drooling over making my own:

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