Monday, August 24, 2015


This past week, I've had the house to myself and extra time to just be. I've cleaned, organized, gotten ready for school, all the sorts of random domestic things that bring me joy. And that's honest, I find laundry relaxing. When things aren't rushed and you can spend time to straighten and organize and plan, that is one of my favorite things. Time slows down a bit, and you can enjoy the quiet, the clean, the sun, good food, family time, just all the best things in life.

However, I have spent quite a bit of time on the internet, especially Pinterest. And for some reason decided to randomly look in the section of Craigslist of pets for adoptions. They're looking for homes. And I came across Fisher. Fisher broke my heart. He is five years old and needed a new home. A little cockapoodle, which is my dog, the one I've always wanted. And for a few minutes, I let myself think about bringing him home. I excitedly emailed my mom and dad saying "Fisher wants to be part of my family!" 

Around here, in small town Idaho, getting married young and having kids is the norm. A lot of my friends from high school have married, and are starting to have kids. And I can't commit to a dog. I wanted to commit to Fisher but I just can't right now. I'm not ready yet to make a commitment to give him the best life I possibly can. I'm constantly working or at school and it would break my heart to leave him alone all day. 

This week, Fisher broke my heart. I'm sorry I couldn't bring you home buddy. I hope you found a great new family.

PS. Not getting a dog: great decision. I love them but I just want to be responsible for me right now. 

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