Saturday, July 18, 2015


Happy Saturday! I can't believe the week is almost over but while I was actually living it, it seemed to stretch on forever. I had my first big test and even after taking it had all the names of the arteries and veins rolling around in my head. I have another test Monday so my weekend will be spent studying in my comfy Ace and Jig robe and uggs. I debated wearing the uggs to Starbucks this morning but decided against it. I haven't fallen that far. A few things I enjoyed this week:

1 // I introduced my mom and grandma to Chipotle and you would have thought it was the second coming by their reactions. They had never tasted "fast" food (I don't know what category this would fall into) that tasted so fresh and delicious. Basically, they have been living under a rock for years it seems.

2 // This interview with Jessie Baylin, who I've been slightly obsessed with since discovering her Instagram. She has the best style, a beautiful daughter, and the most gorgeous home in Nashville. Not to mention, her rockstar husband. Also, since reading, I've decided I need a pair of Golden Goose Francy sneakers.

3 // Also loved this Into the Gloss article with Michelle Monaghan.

4 // For the clean freak in me, places in your home you forget to clean.

5 // 21 signs you're a grandma trapped in a twenty something's body. After a concert last weekend, everyone wanted to go out and I was like, "Uh, it's already way past my bedtime."

6 // After reading this, I've become obsessed with adding epsom salt to my bubble bath. I use Dr. Teal's milk and honey epsom salt, and it relaxes and rejuvates. If I could, I would get a weekly massage, but a weekly bath will have to suffice for now.

7 // Inspired by small space living in New Zealand.

8 // The women of 'Inside Out': keep emotions real.

9 // Gloria from 'Modern Family' speaks the truth.

10 // Thinking about these boots. And that dress it is styled with... swoon.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend.

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  1. Hope you're having a lovely weekend! Number 5 is definitely me... I'm definitely a grandma, not even ashamed about it haha. :)