Saturday, June 6, 2015


1 // Some days, you just gotta get McDonalds chicken nuggets, fries, a large coke (why is it always better at McDonalds) and extra BBQ sauce, and eat it on the floor while watching a cheesy ABC family show that I've become embarassingly addicted to. (Several, during this break from school. A great use of time, am I right?)

2 // For some reason, whenever I go to Craigslist, it thinks I'm in Texarkana, Texas. I have no idea why. Sometimes I'll browse listings and start to wonder where that area is. Then I realize, it's in Texas, a thousand miles away. Very disappointing when you find something you really love.

3 // I've become obsessed with having fresh baked chocolate chip cookies any time I want them, leading to experiments in the best way to freeze them. The conclusion: saved in already scooped cookies, in rows, wrapped in parchment, and saved in a gallon sized Ziploc bag.

4 // After having to sit through multiple macaron classes at work in the last few weeks, I've decided they are without a doubt the most overrated dessert EVER. I don't even think they're cute any more, just annoying and not worth the work.

5 // Rediscovered my new favorite breakfast and daily routine: Frosted Mini Wheats, with whole milk, always.

6 // Took myself out to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory when I had time to kill, which was a really satisfying experience. 

7 // Read the live blog on Entertainment Weekly of the "Gilmore Girls" reunion in Texas, and they left a chair open for Edward Hermann. Tears. And WE NEED A MOVIE.

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