Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Do you ever feel like the world is constantly telling you to stifle your emotions? That we need to be happy all the time. Why is that? Why is it not okay to own what your feeling? Sure, maybe some people are happy seemingly all the time. I think some people are naturally cheerful. In some cases, stifling your emotions is needed. At work, when someone is annoying you, fake it. Sometimes, you just don't know someone well enough that they will even care at all about your emotions.

But the people that care about you, they are the people that you need to be real with. If you're feeling angry, be angry. Let people know how you're feeling. It's okay to be sad sometimes. Some days are bad, and sometimes, what you really need is to let the bad feelings take over. Lay in bed for a day. Let yourself be. It's okay to not do anything and dwell for a few minutes on your worries and insecurities and whatever else your feeling. Give yourself time to do that. But do it knowing that the next day will be better, use it as a day for healing, knowing that tomorrow will be a day you will tackle that to do list.

I've been working on letting my emotions actually play out. If I need to be alone, that's okay. If I'm upset with someone, tell them. Be happy, be sad, be angry, be joyful, be whatever you want to be. It feels so much better than keeping it all in.

Also, go and see "Inside Out". Because you'll cry and realize all the things I've just written about, if you're anything like me.

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