Friday, May 1, 2015


I have a problem, an online shopping problem.  I love organizing my secret Pinterest board wish list, mulling over purchases, deciding why I want it, what to wear with those shoes or that sweater, all in my quest to… what? I'm no Blair Waldorf. I'm an easy dresser. My number one goal is comfort. Dressing up for me involves black jeans. 

This is where the problem arises. Late at night, I take an ambien (sometimes two, oops) and start doing crazy things. Looking up crazy things on google, instagram stalking people I haven't spoken to or even thought of in years, you get the picture. For about a half an hour before I'm ready to go to sleep but I'm slightly high on the buzz of my nightly ambien fix, I don't even know what I'm doing. 

So the other night, I apparently purchased a pair of pants. I'd always looked, and looked, but never bought. The next morning, I'm checking my email, and see an order confirmation and "congratulations, your pants are on their way!" LITERALLY NO RECOLLECTION OF THIS HAPPENING. But I guess if that's the biggest problem of the day, it could be worse, right? If the problem ends with a package being delivered to my door step, it's a good day.

I'm off to take an ambien for the night and scour eBay for the boots I've been searching for. Happy shopping and happy sleeping!

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