Friday, April 3, 2015


"Gilmore Girls" just made me start crying, while trying to write a speech for a presentation (on staying motivated, of all things) this afternoon while sitting in the library. For those familiar with the show, it's the season 4 episode where Lorelai and Rory both have their own breakdowns, Lorelai over the inn and money and Rory over stress at school. While I'm not running an inn, I can totally relate to the need to have a melt down on occasion. Some days, the stress just takes over. You move too fast for too long, push emotions down because now is not the time, and then they just come rolling over. 

When these days happen, as they sometimes do, these are some of my beating the blues tricks:

1 // Take a walk, outside, and just be. I usually walk along the trail by the river and try to breath deeply and appreciate nature. Just taking a bit of a break helps.

2 // Watch an episode of something that makes you laugh, anything that makes you happy. This is not the time for "Breaking Bad" or "The Walking Dead". For me, it's an episode of "The Mindy Project" because Mindy Kaling is amazing and inspires me to be the kick ass woman I know I can be. 

3 // Meditate. This is a new one for me but something I'm trying to incorporate into my daily routine. We actually did this in a class the other day. My professor had us do a labryinth while paying attention to our breathing, deeply in and out every five seconds. I was so relaxed and every thought left my body, for just a little while.

4 // Dance. Sing. Put on your favorite song (mine is currently "Shake It Off") and sing at the top of your lungs. Dance like an idiot. As Christina and Meredith would say, "Dance it out."

5 // Write down all your feelings in a journal. Mine tends to be neglected except for those days when everything is going wrong. Say all the bad words, pour it out, write things about people you would never want to say to them (because you love them), and don't feel guilty. Just letting it all out will help immensely.

6 // Eat something delicious. Treat yourself to something delicious and healthy. For me, it's often a pre-made fruit bowl from Whole Foods. It makes me feel better and is totally delicious.

7 // Get some sunshine. Vitamin D helps.

8 // Sleep. Sometimes, all you can do is go to bed, sleep for at least 9 hours, and start again tomorrow. And don't feel guilty for taking something to help you sleep. Z-quil is my best friend and I get the greatest nights sleep when I take a dose.

What do you do to beat the blues? 

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