Wednesday, April 1, 2015


April. Already. It's here. I'm in the final stretch of this semester, the weather is beginning to turn warm, and I can see summer, I can feel it. My goals for April may be repeats from the past because sometimes things fall to the wayside. I look at the beginning of each month as a fresh start and instead of berating myself for falling short, I think of the ways I'd like to improve. 

My goals for April:

1 // Exercise at least three times a week. I actually began this habit over spring break and have decided to keep to it.  On the days I do actually take the time to work out (other than my daily stretching) I feel much more energized, motivated, and happier. Wins all around.

2 // Eat healthy. Along with the exercising, I've been eating better. Lots of fruits and vegetables, protein, less processed junk. I feel more confident and have more energy when I'm getting what my body needs to function at its best.

3 // Read more. Over spring break, I read a few books outside during the first 70 degree days of the season. A little sunshine and a good book was just what I needed.

4 // Stick to a study schedule. While spring break was completely refreshing and much needed, I got nothing done at all that I needed to. I read one chapter of a textbook. I'm getting myself back into the groove and sticking to a strict schedule so I can get through this last month strong. 

Happy April! Also, plant some plants. You won't regret it. I never do. (Hoping the Easter Bunny brings one this year. And yes, I still get an Easter basket. I'm not even ashamed of it)

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