Friday, April 24, 2015


|| from my daily walk along the green belt the other day ||

I have neglected this space much too long. I've missed it. The last few weeks have been crazy, busy, exhausting, but in a good kind of way. I'm finishing up the semester (next week is dead week, and then finals) and then I'll get a month long break before I start up a few summer classes. Which is stressing me out just thinking about it. To cope with the stress, I've been watching comedy sitcoms every night before I go to bed. They make me laugh and calm down. Currently, I have "Seinfeld", "Two and a Half Men", and "The Big Bang Theory" recording every day and I try to watch an episode or two before going to sleep. 

My goal to exercise has kind of fallen off lately but the day finals are over (and I've hopefully, fingers crossed, aced them all), I am starting again. The weather is starting to warm up and it's supposed to be in the eighties here mid next week. The other night I went through my closet pulling out all my shorts and summer clothes. I can't wait. My skin is getting a tiny bit of color so that I'm no longer ghostly pale. Good things are on the horizon. 

It's Friday night at 5, I've already eaten dinner and am in bed working on homework and watching TV. My idea of a relaxing night. There's even a few loads of laundry that are being done. I live a very exciting life. 

I'll be updating this space more regularly again, I've missed it. In the meantime, some articles I've been reading lately:

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