Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Last week, my little sister Olivia, who is the cutest person ever, adopted herself a puppy. Well our dad, with his soft spot for his two girls, adopted her a puppy. An adorable little pitbull puppy. Olivia is still in the process of naming her but Baloo and Ruby are the frontrunners. I'm voting for Ruby at the moment. I so wish I had time for a puppy. But I don't yet. Someday in the future. Until then, I'll have to babysit Baloo and let that be enough. 

The addition of Baloo to the family has upset our current habitat. Lola, our little perfect princess of a yorkie puppy, doesn't know how she feels about this new member to the family. She's been the baby of the family for years and she's not taking it very well. We're all being sure to give her extra love and treats so she knows she is still our baby.

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  1. Um ok, cutest puppy ever!! My family has a pitbull, and if actually had spare time (and money...ha) I would adopt one in a heartbeat. Best dogs ever :)