Tuesday, March 24, 2015


The last few weeks have consisted of nothing but studying, more studying, and then studying some more, with some watching of "The Walking Dead" while putting off the inevitable studying. This week is spring break. My list of things to do is simple. I am not going anywhere exotic (I wish) but am instead looking forward to relaxing at home. Working a bit, catching up on school reading, hopefully reading some books for pleasure, which has been neglected since this semester began. 

Today I noticed the first bits of spring, white and pink buds on a few trees. The grass is greener and ready to be mowed, bits of spring rain is sprinkling. The weather outside yesterday made it easy for me to start (and finish, oops) "The Girl On the Train". After reading "Gone Girl" multiple times and completely loving it, this book was recommended to me. While it wasn't as obsessively readable as "Gone Girl", I'd still recommend it as a good read.  

I've also started the new Netflix series "Bloodline" and the only reason I did was because, duh, Kyle Chandler of "Friday Night Lights". He will forever be my celebrity crush. He kills it in everything he's in. Coach Taylor forever. 

Today, I'll be running a few errands after spending the morning in bed (!!!!) and baking something yummy this afternoon. Happy Tuesday and happy spring!

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