Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I have to admit, I haven't stuck very well to my goals and resolutions for the year. It's okay though, that just leaves more room for improvement, right? Right. This month, I'm focusing on making a few little changes that I think will have a big impact on my weekly routine.

1 // Use Sunday as a day to plan out my week. Take a break and write down any due dates, to do lists for the week. Make sure all my laundry is done, my books are organized, I know what tests are coming up, finalize my work schedule. Just little things so I won't have as much to worry about during the week.

2 // Get ready for tomorrow the night before. Lay out my clothes, pack my backpack with the books I'll need, make a lunch, and know what I'm going to have for breakfast. Also, don't wake up thirty minutes late, like today. Still made it on time but was so rushed through my morning, I was redfaced and stressing by the time I got to school.

3 // Declutter. Basically decluttering makes me feel better about my life. Cleaning out my closet of things I don't use, keeping my car, room, and study space clear of distractions is a priority. It makes me more focused and get more done on a daily basis.

4 // Make sure I let those I love know how much I appreciate them. This last month, I've been in a stressed out mood from being so busy, which is something I don't like. The glorification of busy. It's good to work and be busy, but being too busy to appreciate the people around me is not something I like. Slowing down, taking a breath, and making sure I have a good attitude is my priority for this month.

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