Sunday, February 15, 2015


These happy greens are meant to offset the complaining. || via

Some things that have been annoying me this week. Because if this space isn't for me to complain just a little, what is it for?

1 // Slow walkers. Please speed up. You may not have any cares in the world and no where to be but others do. Speed it up.
2 // Same goes for drivers.
3 // Women (because you are a women, whether you would like to admit it or not) that say "married to ______" in their instagram profile. Or "_______ is my other half". Your identity is not tied to a male, any male. You are you. That is enough. Do you think Hillary Clinton is putting "married to Bill Clinton" on anything? NO. Have some self respect.
4 // Loud talkers in the library. It's a library. Did you never watch "Barney" when you were little? Or one of the many cartoons that I'm sure taught you these things? If you want to chat, take it somewhere else, because everyone around you is trying to study. 
5 // If you drink the last of my milk, I will kill you.
6 // People not respecting my routine, my schedule. It's called being considerate people. Look it up.
7 // People saying my name MARE-IN, it's Marin, like MUH-RIN. Please correct yourself. 
8 // Playing the piano before 9 AM should not be allowed. Ever. Under any circumstances. Please just stop.

Anyone have anything to add? Sometimes you just have to let it out. You feel better after. Believe me. 

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  1. YES to this post, I actually spent time last night writing down stressful/irritating things just to get them off my chest! Definitely helps me. Reading this, I so agree with number three; same goes for people that put "taken by ___" on Instagram; I'm just Haha.