Thursday, January 22, 2015


And I'm not even ashamed of it. These past few days I have been in a whirlwind of getting things done. The first few days of figuring out a new schedule are always an adjustment but I finally feel as if I'm getting it down. Getting up early and keeping up my energy all day has gotten easier. My studying habits are slowly coming together and tonight I decided to just take some time to myself. 

I'm rewatching "Gilmore Girls" (yes, again) because I love it and also because Rory inspires me to study and Lorelai inspires me to be an all around badass. I've also decided I'm going to name my daughter Rory. In case you were wondering. 

And in other good news, tomorrow is Friday, the sun is finally shining, and my new jacket arrived today, so tomorrow I will be warm in my cocoon. I also have noticed some issues with people lately.

1 // Who wears sandals when it is 30 degrees out? What are the thoughts going through their heads in the morning as they're getting dressed? "Yesterday, the high was 27 degrees. Hmmm, flip flops seem like a good option."

2 // Also, these girls walking around in just a thin sweater. For the past two weeks of having to walk around in the cold, I've been freezing in my jacket. I'm planning on wearing my parka cocoon, boots, hat, and gloves until March at least.

3 // I'm getting so ghostly white, I'm thinking a trip to Mexico is in order. In my dreams, perhaps.

4 // Sweet potato fries, where have you been all my life? I've been craving them all week.

Anddddd I'm off to sleep. This is where my thoughts end for the day.

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