Saturday, January 17, 2015


1 // Best purchase I've made in a while, slippers from Target. I've been wearing them daily after having horribly sore feet for the last few weeks. Please ignore the scars on my feet.

2 // In case you were wondering, Panda Express opens at 10:30 AM. You're welcome for that public service announcement. And also, always get the honey walnut shrimp. You won't regret it.

3 // After a week of freezing my butt off, I *FINALLY* broke down and got myself a real, proper big girl coat. And even chose express shipping. So hopefully it will be here before I freeze to death. And I got the practical parka type instead of the trendy Isabel Marant number I've been eyeing for months. I'm proud, excited, and sad all at the same time. Who knew the purchase of a new winter coat could bring with it so many emotions?

4 // I've been listening to "Serial" (a little behind the times, I know) and at the moment, totally am torn between this whole experience being a huge waste of my time because nothing new has been learned in the twelve episodes I've listened to. I'm on the last one and hoping for some big reveal. Also, what if I was falsely accused of murder? Would I be able to recall where I was on a certain day and time? It makes me want to start keeping a journal of my daily life, just in case. Also, if I am murdered, please burn my current diaries. Those are just for me and will do nothing to help you solve my murder. I'm just telling you now.

5 // Showering and do all those bathroom things you tend to neglect when busy while blasting Taylor Swift was a great end to a stressful week. I highly recommend it.

Also, a few things I've been reading this week:

A beautiful note about true friends.

The subtle art of not giving a f*&%. (Warning: language.)

A scientific guide to saying "no": how to avoid temptation and distraction.

Thinking of trying out this French toast recipe.

How to streamline your home (and perhaps your life in the process).

Happy, happy weekend. Cheers to get everything done *hopefully* on a seemingly never ending to do list.

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