Friday, January 30, 2015


I seem to have no brain today. The studying is not happening. I'm counting down the days until I get the house to myself for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. I cannot wait. I should be studying but instead am listening to "Gilmore Girls" while Pinteresting, reading, and generally avoiding doing work of any kind. I don't know if it's because I'm tired, that time of the month, or what is happening but after this blog post, I'm closing the computer screen and focusing on my flash cards. Some random thoughts from this week:

1 // I feel a sense of accomplishment in the fact that as I've gotten older, I'm beginning to understand more and more "Gilmore Girls" reference, just from life experience. Today, it was Anne Heche looking for space ships in Fresno. Also, can we talk about Dean for a second? Firstly, I am and always will be a Jess fan. Dean is controlling, possessive, and just annoying in general. Jess will always come first, with Logan following in second, and Dean in a definite last. I honestly don't know what a smart girl like Rory saw in Dean. And over and over and over. Just get it over already. (I'm on the episode where she loses the bracelet and he has a mini freak out. Um, it's a bracelet. Simmer down, man.)

2 // During a class presentation on nations that were the happiness, I learned that Switzerland and Norway are two of the most consistently happy countries. I've always had a fascination with Switzerland and Sweden. It may have stemmed from my obsession with "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo". They're very underrated European countries, in my opinion.

3 // I never know how to answer the phone. When I just say "hello", it sometimes seems extremely unformal, even though questions are the person calling has called me before and knows who they are calling, but maybe upon hearing just a "hello", they start to question themselves. But "hello, this is Marin", seems very formal for a 22 year old. I wonder how Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss answer the phone…

4 // Speaking of Taylor Swift, I'm getting extremely annoyed with her on Instagram. We all know you have a freaking awesome life and we are all jealous of it. Do you have to constantly rub in? Be a pal. 

5 // THE SUN IS FINALLY OUT. After weeks and weeks of fog, yesterday afternoon the sun came out. Sunglasses were pulled out of their long neglected cases in glove boxes and happy dances were done, both on the inside and the outside. I forgot how beautiful it was.  The sun continued for a bit, at least this morning, and I got to watch the sun come out on my way to school.

6 // Yesterday, I had great luck with putting my iPod on shuffle. Usually, this creates a weird mixture of songs, with way too many skips but yesterday was perfect. Some James Taylor, Eminem, a little bit country, Taylor Swift, and some classic rock. 

7 // I lost a plant this week. It was very sad and I'm still in morning. I had moved them to the windowsill to take advantage of the aforementioned sunshine and when I went to move them back, I accidently dropped her. She spilled everywhere and was unsalvageable. She was dying a bit and in a way sacrificed herself. For a while, I was overwatering but lately, I learned from her spilled guts all over my floor, I've been under watering. So, lesson learned. I am giving her a proper morning period before trying again. I'm hoping this is the end of my plant killing spree. 

8 // "Parenthood" ended last night. An era has come to an end. I cried during the finale. It actually ended somewhat well, as far as series finales go (I tend to never have much faith in them). I'm going to miss those Bravermans.  

And a few things I've been reading:

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Why Adnan Syed of "Serial" should have plead guilty.  Pretty much from the beginning, I thought Adnan was guilty. Really, for the reason of Jay leading the police to the car. And there really was no other explanation. Jay was obviously involved in some way and who else would he have been covering for? But, can you convict someone based on that? How much did race play into the verdict? All questions my coworker and I discussed this week.

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Happy weekend, guys! It's almost February!

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